There is Space in Zagreb

thereisspace: A simple video impression from THERE IS SPACE 1.0 in Zagreb last December, showing few moments we shared playing with Bruno. Dzvezdan

Afternoon in my name

Playing late afternoon in Zagreb, I noticed how late is my afternoon and how afternoonish is my late name. Across the part of sky on the photo plane crossed and made trail while Zagreb, late afternoon and Tumblr played me into posting this message.

A Wall

For years now I was passing the bridges at Zidani Most. For years now I was amazed by my retelling of Zidani most being intrusion in reality. In reality it was Zidani most watching me all these years passing troubled water.

at Željeznički kolodvor Ljubljana

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Behind the futuristic promise of a world of fully linked people and objects, when cars, fridges, watches, vacuums ,and dildos are directly connected to each other and to the Internet, there is what is already here: the fact that the most polyvalent of sensors is already in operation: myself. “I” share my geolocation, my mood,… Read more »

at Top Kino

at Cafe Savoy

at Naschmarkt

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    While you make pretty speeches I’m being cut to shreds You feed me to the lions A delicate balance Thom York / Radiohead – Like Spinning Plates

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    Is there such a place as unique website that could join all social networks. Well FriendFeed is close to that 🙂

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    Just got back from Crete. This is one of the best shots I made…