sixpenceee: MOSES BRIDGE, NETHERLANDS It was originally built in the early 1700’s to protect the Netherlands from invasions. It is constructed out of Accoya wood, a waterproof wood. The designers assured that flooding will not be a problem because the height of the water is controlled an adjustable dam. The dam also includes a pump in … Read more

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Me a very considerable amount of fertilizing material. “The beneficial results thus made possible have already been practically demonstrated, and what may be achieved by the proposed reclamation of a vast area, with peculiar advantages of climate and environment, is one of the most si

The process of organizing collective subjects for social change does indeed involve “movement” on many levels, and one of them undoubtedly entails forging forms of collective consciousness. This process is not merely cognitive and rational — though it is that, too; it also works on the affective investments people have in the identities they claim. … Read more

One of the ways to make use of existing identity forms is to highlight the gap between identities promoted by the dominant culture and the lived “experience” of social relations that is not summoned by these terms. This is the ‘excess’ that is often ‘experienced’ as an inchoate affect of not belonging, of not fitting … Read more